Secret Service Renews Lease with Biden

GREENVILLE, DE – If you’re Vice President Joe Biden you not only enjoy lifelong Secret Service protection, you get to charge the taxpayer for providing the service.  As reported in Friday’s Washington Times, the U. S. Secret Service has just renewed it lease of a cottage on Biden’s estate in Delaware’s Chateau country.

Biden will continue to collect $26,400 in rent each year, from the taxpayers.  This is the first time that the Secret Service has been forced to pay rent to a protectee as part of doing their job:

In August, a Secret Service spokesman acknowledged the unusual arrangement of the federal agency paying Biden as part of its duty to protect him. "We’ve not rented from protectees before," Secret Service spokesman Edwin Donovan told the News Journal.

photo courtesy of the Wilmington News Journal


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  1. Lloyd L. Thoms Jr. says:

    Is such an arrangement permissible under Zoning Regulations?
    Greenville resident and homeowner who doesn’t live in Chateau Country.

    • G. A. Harrison says:

      That’s an interesting question. If it were the city of Salisbury I know it wouldn’t be. I wonder if your County Exec should look into it. Of course, I’m sure they would cook up some loophole.

      To be fair, the VP is supposed to get protection. I just don’t think he should be charging the taxpayer for it (on top of the cost of the Secret Service detail).

      BTW – to us ho polloi below the Mason-Dixon line, everything in and around Greenville is “Chateau country”, even though I know that it isn’t all big estates.

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