McDermott Proposes Charging Minor Offenses via Citation

POCOMOKE CITY, MD – Maryland Delegate Mike McDermott (R-38B) is proposing legislation in the coming legislative session that would permit police officers to write minor, non-violent offenses on citations rather than having to arrest the suspect and appear before a court commissioner.   McDermott’s proposal would allow police officers to spend more time on the street and should not negatively impact public safety.

"When people are charged criminally they have to be taken before a court commissioner before they are released and that takes officers off the streets for a lot of minor offenses," said McDermott. "It can take three or four hours and if it’s a small or even a medium size department, like we have on the Shore, that’s a long time to lose an officer off the streets."

"This is a nonpartisan public safety bill," said McDermott. "This is a time when agencies are facing a lot of budget issues and anything we can do to keep police officers on the streets for the big crimes is good for the public."

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