OC Discusses End of Night Meetings


OCEAN CITY, MD – Scott Muska of the Daily Times reports that the Ocean City Town Council is weighing the pros and cons of keeping its long standing practice of holding legislative meetings on Monday evenings.  The argument for going to all day meetings appears to focus on the desire to not force town staff to work at night.

In Muska’s article, it is noted that Council President Jim Hall brought forth the idea in a closed work session.  This is not an item that is permitted to be discussed in a closed session under the Maryland Open Meetings Act.  It is expected that the council’s response would be that it was a “personnel” issue.  Maybe.  However, the Open Meetings law was not intended to wrap a discussion of the legislative calendar around a veil of secrecy by tying it to “personnel”.  When to hold meetings has nothing to do with how much a particular employee makes.

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