Small Businesses Could Be Hit Hard By Flush Tax Increase

ANNAPOLIS, MD – Initially told that the flush tax could double, Maryland legislators are balking at a proposed increase that could more than triple the existing tax for small businesses.  Maryland Sen. J. B. Jennings (R-7) asks a simple question:

“How much do we need,” Jennings asked O’Malley and Summers at the committee hearing Tuesday. “Originally I’m hearing a doubling of the fee, but when you look at the business side, it’s up 250%.”

Jennings said the projected costs to businesses seemed excessive and believes the additional tax burden would be passed onto consumers.

Jennings cited the example of one grocery store in his district that would see an increase in the annual tax from $1,900 to over $7,000.

The O’Malley administration argues that the total revenue from the increase will only rise by 100%.


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