Illegal Immigrant Faces Deportation After Accomack Hit-and-Run

ACCOMAC, VA – A 34 year old illegal immigrant faces deportation after he serves a four month sentence for a hit-and-run accident on US 13 north of Accomac.  Geraldo Bravo Soto, of Greenbush, rear ended a car in front of the Perdue plant.  After fleeing the scene, Soto’s car was found in a ditch.

Circuit Judge W. Revell Lewis III sentenced Bravo Soto to three years in prison, suspending all but four months.

"When your sentence is completed, you will be turned over to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement authorities," he said.

Other undocumented immigrants who faced deportation from the Shore in recent months included several involved in car crashes, one convicted of unlawful wounding and one convicted on a drug charge.

Soto has lived in this country illegally for 17 years and was employed as a painter


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