Pollitt Setting Taxpayers Up for Massive Tax Increase

Wicomico County Executive Rick Pollitt continues to feed the public, through the Daily Times, misleading information about the state of the county’s budget.  Will the passage of SB 848 lead to a $14 million increase in the county’s burden for education?  If so, how will the county pay for it?  What Pollitt doesn’t want to discuss is the probable end of the revenue cap, courtesy of Pollitt’s ally Del. Norm Conway (D-38B), with the support of another ally, Del. Rudy Cane (D-37A).

IF the state interprets SB 848 as being retroactive, meaning that an increase in the county’s income tax rate to a maximum 3.2% will still set Wicomico County’s maintenance of effort to millions more than its current level, it should be challenged in court.  And remember, that’s just the impact for this year.  Where will the money come from to pay for the county’s new burden of teacher pensions.  The only solution available in FY 2014 and out (and possibly even FY 2013) is to “bust the cap” – override the express will of the voters of Wicomico County and increase taxes beyond the levels set forth in the county’s revenue cap.

Ironically it is Pollitt, along with Conway and Cane, who has prevented the citizens of Wicomico County from being able to even vote on whether or not they would like an elected school board.  Thanks to Pollitt and his pals, there is no incentive for the Board of Education to use the taxpayers’ money more wisely.  The new Bennett Middle is a great example.  Opponents of the school wanted to wait until we knew what the budget picture was.  The fact that we cannot afford it, didn’t seem to bother Pollitt, the BOE, or the council members who voted for it.

For five years Pollitt has refused to plan beyond the moment.  His actions before the county council are proof – riding in at the eleventh hour with legislation and being unable to submit little things like budgets in a timely fashion.  Now the chickens have come home to roost. 

Wicomico taxpayers will face onerous tax hikes in the coming years – thanks to Pollitt’s lack of planning, and the profligate ways of his allies in the legislature. 

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