Word of the Day – March 30, 2012

avowal (noun)

uh VOW uhl

an open acknowledgment

Much that was suppressed in the young people of my generation found a frank avowal in the Leaves of Grass; feelings and affection for each other, which we had been ashamed of, thoughts which we had hidden as unutterable, we found printed in its pages, discovering that they were not, as we believed, the thoughts and feelings of young, guilty, half-crazy goblins, but portions of the Kingdom of Truth and the sane experience of mankind. It was above all Walt Whitman’s rejoicing in his flesh and blood, — “there is so much of me,” he sang, “and all so luscious,” — his delight in his own body and the bodies of his friends, which seemed a revelation and gave the Leaves of Grass so strong a hold upon a generation born of puritans who had ignored, or treated as shameful, those habitations of the spirit.
Logan Pearsall Smith     November 1937

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