Congratulations to Yesterday’s Winners

We’ve been told that turnout was low. … What do you expect in a one party state with an incumbent Democrat President running for re-election?

We’ve been told that the GOP candidates don’t excite the masses.  What do you expect from a media that hypes every minor gaff from a GOP candidate or office holder but gives Barack “57 states” Obama a free pass on everything?

Despite the media hype that yesterday’s Maryland primary was much ado about nothing (compared to Wisconsin), Republicans ran hard to secure a place on the ballot in November’s election or represent their respective Congressional districts at the Republican National Convention.

Congratulations to our First District winners:

Dan Bongino – U.S. Senate

Rep. Andy Harris – U.S. House

Delegates to the Republican National Convention
Del. Addie Eckardt
Sen. Joe Getty
Audrey Scott

Alternate Delegates to the Republican National Convention
Bonnie Luna
Andi Morony
Michael Pappas

What about the Democrats?  Well, there really wasn’t much competition (their delegate slate was unopposed) except for the U.S. House primary.  In that race we have to wait for absentees to see who will challenge Andy Harris.  Only 124 votes separates Harris’ neighbor, Wendy Rosen, from Dr. John LaFerla.  Besides, while we try to be objective in our news reporting, there really isn’t much of secret as to where our sympathies lie.

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