Will Maryland General Assembly Adjourn Tonight?

ANNAPOLIS, MD – Today is SUPPOSED to be the final day of the 2012 Maryland General Assembly session.  Will it?  Without a budget in place, the legislature cannot adjourn.  The last time this happened was 1992.

Senate President Mike Miller is holding up a final budget vote in Senate until he gets a casino at the National Harbor complex.  How much of a tax increase will Marylanders face is still up for grabs.  So is exactly what type of increases will be enacted.

Here on the Shore we know that the flush tax will double and that local education spending will rise regardless of whether local citizens can afford it or not.  In Wicomico County, it appears that the revenue cap is dead (thanks to local delegates Norm Conway and Rudy Cane), but the same two will not even allow citizens to vote on whether or not the local school board should have a little accountability.


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