Will the Last Taxpayer Leaving MD …

In last week’s Star Democrat there appeared the following letter to the editor from a Mr. John Hyatt of Easton:

Recently there have been several newspaper articles about the (Democrat) governor and the (Democrat-controlled) legislature shifting fiscal responsibilities on to local jurisdictions and dictating local spending levels for numerous programs.

What the Maryland citizenry needs to understand is that liberals (Democrats) think they are much smarter and more intelligent than the rest of us. In their minds, they have to impose themselves upon us because our ability (conservatives) to make decisions is so poor. I am not sure what Maryland is going to do when all the taxpaying residents move out of here as fast as they can. Goodbye Maryland, my Maryland.

As Marylanders in general, and Eastern Shore residents in particular, are being pummeled by Gov. Martin O’Malley and his Democrat pals in the legislature, Mr. Hyatt’s comments are quite prescient.  It appears that neither the governor nor the legislature learned nothing from their last attempt at a “millionaire’s tax”.  A new version will almost surely pass this session.

Sadly, Maryland isn’t the only part of Delmarva that can’t understand some basic economic truths.  Over at the Blue Hen Conservative, Jason O’Neill expresses similar opinions regarding the tax and fiscal policies in the First State.

When will our politicians learn?  They won’t.  Instead of cutting spending, expect some attempt down the road to limit the economic mobility of our highest earners.  As more and more taxpayers choose to re-locate to lower tax states, that is the only option open to politicians who know nothing other than taxing, spending, and re-distributing the wealth of others.  The mere concept of competing is anathema to those who believe that the anvil of the state is supreme.

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