MD Legislature Fails to Raise Income Taxes – Balances Budget with Cuts

ANNAPOLIS, MD – The Maryland General Assembly ended its 2012 REGULAR session Monday night by adopting the so-called “Doomsday Budget” because the two houses were unable to agree on a hike in income taxes.  The “Doomsday Budget” contains far more cuts that the Democrat-controlled legislature would prefer.

It appears that Senate president Mike Miller carried through on his threat to stop consideration of an income tax hike until the House passed legislation permitting a new casino, with table games, at the National Harbor complex in Prince George’s County.  Gov. Martin O’Malley offered a veiled criticism of Miller to the Baltimore Sun:

"The republic was not built on gambling gimmicks, bingo or bake sales."  Sometimes lawmakers have to put "egos and pet projects" aside in order to "advance the common good," the governor said.

The governor will have to call the legislature back into special session if he is unwilling to proceed with the cuts laid out in the adopted budget.


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