Jim Ireton, Laura Mitchell, the Daily Times, and Salisbury Redistricting

SALISBURY, MD – The Salisbury City Council will meet today to discuss redistricting.  Whether or not this task can be done in a civil, much less amicable, manner becomes more and more doubtful.  Citizens should be thanking mayor Jim Ireton, councilwoman Laura Mitchell, and the town’s own local paper for the problem.

As usual, the Daily Times and reporter Sarah Lake have fueled the fire through their typical misinformation campaign.  As usual, Ireton and Mitchell are using a serious issue to score cheap political points.

Lake and the Daily Times have hyped Ireton’s “redistricting plan(s)”, the involvement of the ACLU, and council’s not having adopted a plan.  These are based on several false premises.  For starters, Ireton doesn’t get to have a redistricting plan.  If Lake had ever bothered to check she would have realized that in Salisbury redistricting is done through a charter amendment.  As Lake and Ireton well know, the mayor has no say over charter changes.  Second, council got a late start on the redistricting process because Ireton refused them access to city staff and data.  Instead he wasted months on developing his “plans” and then Lake and his other allies at the DT made much ado over Ireton’s plans – neglecting to mention that Ireton used his power as mayor to deny council access to the city’s planning staff.  It reminds the casual observer of Ireton’s similar actions regarding the city attorney – an action which necessitated ending the mayor’s control over the city attorney.

As for councilwoman Laura Mitchell, whose blind ambition makes Ireton look like a meek civil servant, there is mounting evidence that she was involved in bringing the ACLU to town.  It is undeniable that she promoted the ACLU’s involvement.

What will ultimately happen?  It’s unknown.  However, the smart better should never underestimate either Ireton or Mitchell.  While neither is a particularly savvy politician, in comparison to the council majority of Debbie Campbell, Terry Cohen, and Tim Spies the pair appear almost major league.  Campbell, et al, suffer from the delusion that simply going about the business of serving the taxpayer constitutes doing a good job.  Ireton and Mitchell, partly because of the Daily Times’ support, have raised the art of political haymaking to a new level in Wicomico County.

In the meantime, the citizens of Salisbury can suffer without a redistricting plan, without a city attorney (given Mitchell’s irresponsibility over a budget amendment), and (most probably) handing full budget authority over to Ireton.  Why not?  Sarah Lake will paint Ireton and Mitchell as heroes – only so that her bosses can paint Campbell, Cohen and Spies as the goats.

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  1. Crab Pot says:

    No doubt Mitchell’s spouse is involved in the NAACP-ACLU squeeze play up to his navel if not his eyeballs.

    • G. A. Harrison says:

      I doubt it. While Laura’s husband seems quite supportive of her political ambitions, I don’t see any evidence that he’s directly involved in any of this.

  2. Gaaah:

    Just out of curiosity, how do you feel about black people? Please list for us all of your black friends.

    • G. A. Harrison says:

      I don’t really think about it much, but I feel about “black people” the same as I feel about “white people”.

  3. Outta Here says:


    Seek and ye shall find.

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