College Party Turns Ugly

SALISBURY, MD – A large party turned nasty Saturday night as police and Sheriff’s deputies were forced to use pepper spray on a large crowd at the Cedar Crossing housing complex north of Onley Road in Salisbury.  Police were dispatched to control a disorderly crowd of approximately 1,500 college-aged persons.  While police attempted to disperse the crowd, some individuals began to throw bottles and cans at the officers.


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  1. Outta Here says:

    Since when did you start stealing from the Daily Times — or do they pay you to be their pimp?

    • G. A. Harrison says:

      Pimping? Was the post untrue? Remember, once the police released their video the PR game was over. Not one video I saw posted by students showed the police acting wrong. However, there is no question that students threw stuff at the police. C’mon!

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