Tom Carper – Is Senility Setting In?

WASHINGTON – Is Delaware’s senior senator ready for the home?  Watch this video and you decide.

Sen. Tom Carper (D-DE) Babbling About Using Postal Service Trucks As Battery Farms

For those of you who actually think that Carper’s idea is a good one, think about this for a moment … Under Carper’s ridiculous babbling (we won’t even call it an idea) the US Postal Service’s fleet would either:

  1. Sit idle to let loose that electricity when it’s needed for the grid.  (That’s a pretty expensive battery farm) OR …
  2. The trucks could use the electricity stored in the batteries to deliver mail.  That’s hunky dory until the batteries run out and have to be charged with power from coal or nuclear powered generating plants.  That’s green alright.
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