Obama Lies … You Are Deceived, Manipulated and Disrespected

In 2010, in order to get his healthcare bill passed, President Obama lied about and demonized doctors because the great majority of them opposed his healthcare bill.

Please review the document in this link.  This document is the actual web site posting by Trailblazer, a private company, which performs administrative functions for Medicare. This document simply shows the actual amount of the payment Medicare made to surgeons who performed foot or lower leg amputations back in 2010. The payment Medicare made to each surgeon for a foot or lower leg amputation was approximately $1000.

Now click the link below to watch our president give one of his crafty healthcare speeches in 2010:

Obama Lies About What Doctors Are Paid

Obama made the assertion that a surgeon was paid 30, 40 or 50 thousand dollars for amputation of a foot (lower leg)! However, you now know that the true figure is approximately $1,000. Clearly, Obama lied. The total cost of a lower leg amputation might be as high as 30 thousand dollars, but the great majority of the 30K or 40K or 50K goes to the hospital, not the surgeon.

Obama also stated Medicare pays the doctor immediately. Actually, it takes weeks, months or years for a doctor to receive payment from Medicare. Obama lied yet again.

In that single video you saw Obama make two false claims about surgeons. And, notice he did it with his charming smile, smooth-as-silk delivery, and the appearance of empathy for the people. He attempted to deceive you and marginalize doctors. Was he successful?

Watch another video below to see how he demonized doctors who perform tonsillectomies on children:

Obama Slams “Greedy” Doctors

In this video, Obama said doctors “a lot of times, are forced to make decisions based on the fee payment schedule that is out there.” To illustrate this, he used the scenario of your child having repeated sore throats. Obama then said that, when the doctor is deciding whether to treat your child with an antibiotic or surgery, the doctor says to himself, “I make a lot more money if I take this kid’s tonsils out.” I know of no doctor with this evil mindset.

Obviously, Obama has a very low opinion of doctors, and he wants you to have the same. He believes doctors, in order to simply make more money, would choose to put your child through the pain and suffering and risks of surgery, even if an antibiotic could have worked just as well. It is no wonder he feels a need to rule over the health care professions. Of course, regarding the mindset of physicians, he is delusional. Was he brainwashed during his leftist indoctrinations?

Here you have seen in these two videos that your president, the man who promised to unite all Americans, slandered and demonized doctors. Some of you have difficulty believing Obama would lie like this because you consider him an individual of high moral standing. He appears to be a great father and family man. It appears that he strives to help the downtrodden. However, once you understand a bit about the psychology of ethical thinking, you will understand the apparent paradox inside our president.

Like many liberals, Obama uses utilitarian ethical thinking rather than deontological ethical thinking. With deontological ethics, a lie is always evil, regardless of the consequences that follow that lie. With utilitarian ethics, a lie is evil only if the consequences that follow it are undesirable. With utilitarian ethics, if the consequences that follow a lie are desirable, then the lie is good and therefore perfectly moral. Obama lied about doctors because he believed doing so would aid him in winning the support of the American people for passage of his healthcare bill. Although the American Medical Association (AMA) supported passage of the bill, the great majority of doctors opposed it (only 16% of doctors are members of the AMA). Obama believed he was perfectly moral in lying about and demonizing doctors because he believed it would result in “the greater good.” So please understand that Obama feels perfectly comfortable lying to you all day long; he believes it is his duty to do so, provided it helps him achieve the “greater good.”

The question is: For how long will you allow yourself and your loved ones to be deceived, manipulated and disrespected as such.


The author, a physician practicing in Salisbury, chooses to remain anonymous.

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