Word of the Day – May 5, 2012

barnstorm (verb)

BAHRN stawrm

to travel from one small town and rural district to another, performing, lecturing or campaigning: from the practice of using barns as auditoriums

One thing Roy Rogers remembers vividly about the start of his career is how hungry he was. During his early years as a singer of cowboy ballads, he recalls, “Me and the band were barnstorming in New Mexico, Arizona, and Texas, and we got to Roswell, New Mexico. We didn’t have a dime. So we got on a little radio station, and I came up with the idea to talk about our favorite things to eat, thinking maybe some listener would send us something. I said I liked lemon pie, and we got a phone call at the station from a fella who said that if I would sing ‘The Swiss Yodel,’ his sister would bring a lemon pie to our motor court that night. By golly, I sang ‘The Swiss Yodel’ better than I ever did, and sure enough, that night a car pulled up and there were not one but two pies! Man, we couldn’t wait for them folks to leave so we could eat those pies!”
Jane and Michael Stern     November 1993

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