An Example for Other Local Governments to Follow

CHESAPEAKE, VA – Contrary to what President Obama, Maryland governor Martin O’Malley, and far too many other government officials believe, government does not exist to provide jobs.  Government – federal, state, or local – exists to perform certain functions or provide certain services.  Yesterday’s action by the Chesapeake City Council provided an example that state and local governments should consider:

The City Council has passed an $895.5 million budget that leaves the property tax rate unchanged.

The spending plan for the 2012-13 fiscal year restores 10 police and fire department jobs that were on the chopping block.

Still, 45 full-time jobs will be cut, and nearly every department was trimmed, to deal with a shortfall estimated at $22.4 million when the budget process began months ago. Most of those positions were already vacant.


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