Princess Anne Residents Want Cake

PRINCESS ANNE, MD – If the Princess Anne Town Commissioners adopt a new real property tax rate of $1.12 two things will have happened:

  1. Princess Anne will have the highest municipal tax rate in the state of Maryland. (as reported by Liz Holland in the Daily Times)
  2. The property tax bill of the average citizen will not rise 1 cent.

This is the problem facing county and municipal governments across the state.  Citizens want to have their cake and eat it too.

As someone who has attended countless budget work sessions and public hearings over the years, two issues always comes to the surface – citizens want their tax rates to fall as assessments rise, but don’t want their rates to rise if assessments fall; and very few citizens offer suggestions for specific cuts to permit towns and counties to operate on less.

All governments, large or small, waste money.  However, without specific suggestions to cut those costs, it’s simply not possible to provide the same level of services for less money.  Calls to “cut the waste” are meaningless.  If taxpayers want to oppose higher tax rates, they need to give specific examples of that waste … or pay a tax rate that provides their local government with at least the same amount of money as it received last year.

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