Sussex County Adopts Dress Code

GEORGETOWN, DE – In the private sector most people don’t give a second thought to dressing appropriately.  If you want to be considered for promotion or even keep your job, you aren’t going to show up for work wearing bib overalls and no shirt.  Working for the government is a bit different.  Civil service protection often times means never having to worry about such things … UNLESS there is a specific policy in place.

This is exactly what Sussex County has done.  New County Administrator Todd Lawson has designed a dress code for all county employees.

"I think most people understand there’s a certain level of professionalism that certain jobs require," Lawson said in an interview. No one instance of sloppy dress prompted the new code, he said, but a review of policies since he took office late last year turned up no dress code, so he and his department heads developed one. …

… "All body art, such as tattoos or body piercings, of questionable public acceptance will be kept covered," the policy states. If a county employee’s manager deems an outfit too casual, the employee can be sent home to change, off the clock.


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