Voter Fraud Isn’t a Problem?

As more states across the nation pass voter ID requirements and other measures to help prevent voter fraud we are told by the mainstream media that there is no reason for such legislation since “there is no evidence that voter fraud is a problem”.

Really?  It’s interesting that the same media never seems to object when liberals pass laws regarding issues where no real problem exists.  However, attempting to enact something as common sense as voter ID is wrong?

Now, we learn that 180,000 persons may be illegally registered to vote in Florida.  180,000!  Of that number, many persons have been uncovered who did vote.

In the 2000 Presidential election, Florida was decided by less than 500 votes.

While the Democrat Party and their allies in the media, including Salisbury’s own Daily Times, decry that voter fraud doesn’t exist.  Well … it appears that it does.  Stopping people who don’t have the right to vote is just as important as making sure that lawful citizens are afforded that right.

H/T – Red State

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  1. Anonymous says:

    But now we know that the supposed 180,000 is wrong. So now what?

    • G. A. Harrison says:

      Note that the 180,000 was a possible number. No one claimed that it was exact. County registrars simply found questionable registrations and sent mailings requiring confirmation and additional info. The answer is simple, but the left will fight it all the way:

      Eliminate motor voter.
      Require supporting documentation to register.
      Require ID at the polls.

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