RI Considers “Homeless Bill of Rights”

PROVIDENCE, RI – The Rhode Island legislature is considering the adoption of a “homeless bill of rights” to outlaw discrimination against persons based on their “housing status”.

“Nobody decides one day they want to be homeless,” said Sen. John Tassoni, the bill’s sponsor. “And nobody deserves to put up with the stuff these people have to deal with every day. It’s time we did something to stop the appalling things that go on.”

Tassoni said he’s heard stories about homeless people being kicked out of libraries even though they had library cards, rejected for jobs or apartments, or told to leave a public park just because they were homeless. He said he sponsored the bill to make it clear that homeless people must be treated just like anyone else.

The bill has passed in the Senate.  Currently, there is no action being taken in the House.

“There are issues with this bill’s unintended consequences,” said House Majority Leader Nicholas Mattiello. “That bill has the potential for causing significant problems for our municipalities.”


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