Daily Times Endorses Tax Hikes … Again

I’ve lost count.  Literally.  I’ve lost count how many times Salisbury’s daily newspaper has applauded Maryland governor Martin O’Malley and a majority of the General Assembly for hiking taxes on Marylanders.  It’s little wonder that its readers become “former readers”.  Between biased reporting and an editorial slant that is polls apart from a majority of area citizens, one shouldn’t be surprised.

Personally, I enjoy a vigorous debate.  However, I also demand that debate to be based on reason.  Again, the Daily Times fails miserably.

The DT’s editors applaud tax hikes on the very people that are most able to migrate to lower cost states.  Did they learn nothing from the revenue LOSS which occurred from an earlier tax on high earners?  As an additional excuse for supporting higher taxes they use a phantom “liability” on Wicomico County:

The more important issues were contained in a different, but related bill that shifts a portion of the funding for public school teachers’ pensions from the state to the counties where they are employed, and more importantly for Wicomico residents, it relieves the county of an additional $14 million maintenance of effort funding liability for its fiscal year 2013 budget.

That additional $14 million was NEVER going to happen.  Even Wicomico County Administrator Wayne Strausburg admitted that the county would simply allow the state to take its income tax revenue.  The Wicomico County Board of Ed would have received roughly the same amount of money that they will receive under County Executive Rick Pollitt’s proposed budget.

To add insult to injury, the editors attack legislative opponents of the tax hike:

Less hot air and more attention to business could have accomplished the same result within the constraints of the regular 90-day session.

We beg to differ.  It is the liberals in Annapolis, and their lap dogs in the mainstream media (like the Daily Times), who are full of hot air.  It is these people who dismiss $700 million in additional spending and speak of “cuts”.

The reality is that it is the left that uses the politics of fear with impunity.  Why shouldn’t they?  The media applauds them for it.

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  1. Ron Pagano JD says:

    Where is the hard-hitting, investigative reporting that dominated the industry 40 years ago? When you have Andy Harris taking credit for saving the postal service, but no one seems to question it, credibility is diminished. Stop, already, with the stereotypical “liberals vs conservatives” and all the cliches that accompany that approach, and start pressing for real answers AND the reasons behind them. THAT’S what will gain respect and give the news media some long-lost credibility. Your games involving allegations of political slanting, one way or the other, helps no one and in fact, gives elected officials the leeway to attack each other, without being responsible for their actions.

    • G. A. Harrison says:

      Mr. Pagano, how can you make such a statement and then submit an op-ed to the Daily Times which screams about Andy Harris and a vast right wing conspiracy? Oh, I’m sorry. Liberals such as yourself are permitted. When conservatives present facts you can launch all the ad hominem you wish.

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