Cuccinelli Gets Leg Up in 2013 Race

RICHMOND, VA – Virginia AG Ken Cuccinelli was going to run a tough campaign for the GOP gubernatorial nomination – no matter what method was used for choosing the party’s nominee.  Now Cuccinelli has been given a leg up; Cuccinelli supporters want to re-visit the party’s nomination method in 2013.

Last October the Republican Party of Virginia’s (RPV) state central committee decided to nominate by primary in 2013.  This was the method preferred by incumbent Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling.  Cuccinelli supporters would prefer a convention.  The Attorney General has great support among conservative activists, a group that tends to dominate conventions.  Thanks to several state central seats changing hands this year, it appears that supporters of a convention may now have the votes to change the nominating method.

Cuccinelli insists that he is not behind the move to change nominating methods:

“Ken is prepared to run, and win, in whatever method of nomination the State Central Committee decides is best for the party,’’ Cuccinelli political director Noah Wall said. “We’ve been anticipating running in a primary, but we’d obviously rather use the two to three million dollars we’d save in a convention to use against Democrats in a general election.’’

Bolling, as expected, is crying foul:

“The Republican Party voted to hold a primary in 2013,’’ Bolling spokeswoman Ibbie Hedrick said. “At least six candidates have made a decision to run for statewide office in the primary and taken significant steps to launch their primary campaigns. The question has clearly already been resolved. You can’t change the rules in the middle of an election. Any effort to change would be a clear violation of the commitment to the rule of law.”

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