Where Is Jim Ireton’s Budget Veto?

SALISBURY, MD – The Daily Times has published multiple times that Salisbury mayor Jim Ireton would veto the budget passed by the Salisbury City Council.  Yet, a press release issued by City Clerk Kim Nichols states that the amended budget passed by the council is law.  What happened?

The answer is simple.  A veto would have resulted in one of two things:

  • The mayor’s veto would have been overridden.  or …
  • The city would have no budget.

Allowing the city to enter FY 2013 would be the height of irresponsibility.  Ireton should be applauded for not allowing the baser side of his nature to get the better of him.  Allowing the city government to shut down due to hubris would have been unthinkable.

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  1. Bill Campbell says:

    The Mayor never signed the budget…it passed into law because the deadline came and went. The Mayor should NOT be applauded for this!

    • G. A. Harrison says:

      I see your point, but he could have vetoed it. If Shanie didn’t hold firm (I’m not casting stones, just speculating) then the city would have been thrown into upheaval. I’ll take half a glass over the alternative.

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