Wicomico Council to Vote on Budget

SALISBURY, MD – The Wicomico County Council is scheduled to meet at 10 AM this morning to adopt the county’s 2013 operating budget.  As reported last week, the council will vote on a budget significantly higher than that originally submitted by County Executive Rick Pollitt.  On May 25th Pollitt submitted an amended budget which included $2.2 million for the newly mandated teacher pension shift.  Last Wednesday the council requested that Pollitt further amend his budget to include a 2% pay increase for all county employees (in addition to the elimination of furloughs and a 2% increase for Sheriff’s deputies), a raise for the county auditor, and additional positions in the State’s Attorney’s office.

Wicomico taxpayers will face be paying an increased income tax rate (the highest in the state) and a $0.0714 increase in the county’s real property tax rate.  Businesses will also face a $0.1785 increase in the county’s personal property tax rate.

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