Maryland Republicans Continue Fight Against Gerrymandered Map

BALTIMORE, MD – The Maryland Republican Party is continuing its fight against a congressional re-districting map drawn by Democrat governor Martin O’Malley and the Democrat-controlled state legislature.  The MD GOP’s last hope to challenge the re-districting is by putting a referendum on the ballot this November.  While a referendum opposing the MD DREAM Act (granting in-state tuition to illegal immigrants) has already made the ballot and one opposing same-sex marriage is all but assured, the MD GOP admits that getting the 56,000 required signatures to challenge congressional re-districting has been an uphill battle:

… redistricting has been a challenge compared with other issues Republicans and their allies have petitioned to referendum, including bills permitting same-sex marriage and allowing in-state tuition for children raised in Maryland but without legal immigration status (the DREAM Act).

"It’s really inside baseball. The gay marriage and the DREAM Act — it was almost like an emotional response," he said.


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