Is Ireton Running Already?

120615_Ireton_4MoreYearsSALISBURY, MD – At last Friday’s Third Friday event in downtown Salisbury, a “bookmark” was being passed out (see photo at left).  Taking yet another hint from his idol, Barack Obama, is Salisbury mayor Jim Ireton running for re-election?

There is no authority line on the “bookmark” and we were unable to identify the person handing out the material on Third Friday.  Therefore, it’s not possible to say conclusively that this is an opening salvo from a re-election campaign.  However, given the recent buzz about a possible mayoral run by SbyNEWS publisher Joe Albero, it wouldn’t be surprising to see Ireton hitting the campaign trail much earlier than is normal for a city election.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    G.A., you are known for getting to the truth. Do you believe that Albero is a resident of Salisbury? If one sleeps in an apartment but leaves his family at the place he calls home, is that a legal resident? What is required by law to be a resident, and has Albero met that criteria? If you say it, I’ll believe it. Otherwise, I tend to think he is just playing games with Ireton and all of Salisbury.

    • G. A. Harrison says:

      I don’t believe, I KNOW, that Joe Albero is a resident of Salisbury. You have to understand that legal residency is defined by each state. In Maryland you are a resident if you live in Maryland 183 days out of the year. You have (I believe) 60 days to change give up your out of state driver’s license and get a Maryland one. You have to pay taxes as a resident. Albero has done all of these things.

      He lives in Salisbury. (I have actually stopped by his apartment downtown to drop something off at night and he has been there)
      He has a Maryland driver’s license.
      He has been paying property taxes in Maryland and I assume will file a Maryland resident income tax return for 2012.

      As for whether or not Joe is “playing games”, I honestly don’t think so. Joe is pretty frugal. If he wasn’t serious, the Joe Albero I know wouldn’t be going to the time and expense he has.

  2. Anonymous says:

    With that in mind, don’t you think the fuss about this prank phone is ridiculous?

    • G. A. Harrison says:

      Yes, I think that all the fuss has bordered on the ridiculous. Unfortunately, Jim is the chief culprit in this. Holding press conferences and doing radio interviews where he behaves in a horrible fashion do not add to his credibility.

      He didn’t have to respond at all. Or … he could have simply denied involvement. The DT had already covered it. No, he had to be the center of attention. Has Jimmy never heard the line, “One doth protest too much.”?

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