Word of the Day – June 25, 2012

blue-nose (noun)

BLOO: nohz

a puritanical person, especially one who tries to impose a strict moral code on others (“blue-nosed” is the adjective)

Here it is at last, Vladimir Nabokov’s Lolita (Putnam, $5.00) — first issued in 1955 by an unorthodox Paris press after being rejected by a string of American publishers; banned by the French government, presumably out of solicitude for immature English-speaking readers (the ban was later quashed by the French High Court); pronounced unobjectionable by that blue-nosed body, the U. S. Customs office; and heralded by ovations from writers, professors, and critics on both sides of the Atlantic.
Charles J. Rolo     September 1958

… from More Words That Make A Difference

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