Letter to the Editor – June 27, 2012

Deputy Torres’ Hearing

You had to be at the Hearing to hear the testimony of witnesses and evidence to know that the decision by the Sussex County Board of Personnel had observers shaking their heads at the total disregard of the testimony and evidence presented on behalf of Deputy Torres. The observers in the room were in palpable disbelief upon hearing the board’s verdict.

This board relied on gps readings from cars that frequently lose battery power, recorded 7 mph when the car was parked, didn’t consider that different deputies drove the same vehicles and they had an entirely incorrect home address for Mr. Torres. They bickered over his stopping by his wife’s office since she would buy his sandwiches for him and perhaps eat lunch together. The had her work address incorrect as well.  Hardly viable evidence.

Deputy Torres gave a full and complete accounting of his time on the records. Sheriff Christopher’s words described Deputy Torres as you would a consummate professional.

He served the largest area in the county. Rather than consider all of the testimony and evidence provided in the hearing, this Kangaroo Court instead determined to destroy Torres’ character, reputation and any ability to find future work. They are saddling the county with the cost of two lawsuits because of their actions. The County Council has refused to rehire either Mr. Torres and another deputy that left to take a police chief’s job. The Sheriff’s staff is cut down, he has one computer in a small office and cars that repeatedly break down. The county is grinding out the sheriff’s department. The quality of service provided to the courts will suffer with these cuts in staff.

Those 5,000 voters that elected the Sheriff need to once again give him their support.

R. Carol

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