Will Salisbury Fix the Mess at Bateman / Onley Road?

SALISBURY, MD – The Salisbury City Council is expected to vote tonight on the city’s plan to rearrange the intersection of S. Division Street, Bateman Street and Onley Road.  Will they?

After years of Mayor Jim Ireton and TWO separate city councils attempting to come to an agreement it looked as if there might be an end (albeit unsatisfactory to area residents) to the problem of routing school buses down Onley Road.  Unfortunately, a disclosure by a representative of Salisbury University at the council’s last work session may cause the project to be put on hold again.

The council learned that SU had offered the city a portion of the northeast corner of its athletic field which runs along S. Division and Bateman Streets.  While not addressing the concerns of the residents near Onley Road, SU’s donation could easily address other problems of routing traffic through this staggered intersection.  Unfortunately, and true to form, the Ireton administration chose to withhold this information from council.

Now we’ll have to see how the majority reacts to being deceived by the Mayor’s office once again.

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