Illinois Congressman Called to Resign

CHICAGO – A “veterans group” that supports liberal Democrat congressional candidates is calling for Rep. Joe Walsh (R-IL) to resign in the wake of the group’s claims that Walsh has “attacked” his opponent’s service.  Walsh, elected to Congress in 2010, has criticized his opponent, veteran and Obama political appointee, Tammy Duckworth for refusing to discuss any issue other than her decorated military service., a group that backs liberal political candidates who also are veterans, has called on Walsh to resign, claiming that the freshman representative has attacked Duckworth’s service.  Walsh has been careful to criticize Duckworth’s support of Obama administration policies and her refusal to discuss any substantive issue other than her heroic service.  Walsh has continued to portray Duckworth as a “hero”, while emphasizing that Duckworth’s politics are outside of the American mainstream.


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