Will Virginia’s New Voter ID Law Disenfranchise Voters?

RICHMOND, VA – Mike Baker of the Richmond Times-Dispatch has published an article attempting to argue that Virginia’s new voter ID law will disenfranchise thousands of legal voters while only preventing a relative few fraudulent votes.  Such an argument should only persuade those who have adopted belief in the nanny state.

You need an ID to drive to the polls.  You need one to cash a check or for literally hundreds of other types of transactions.  Yet, we are to believe that if people have to show ID at the polls some atrocity against democracy has been committed.

Of course, if you don’t have an ID you can still cast a provisional ballot.  Yes, you have to follow-up by providing proof of identity after the election.  On the one hand, leftists and people like Mr. Baker want you to believe that voting is sacred.  On the other, they also want you to believe that having to follow-up with your local electoral board is simply too great a burden to carry out this sacred duty.

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