Word of the Day – July 10, 2012

bracing (adj.)

BRAY sing

stimulating; invigorating

Geneva is a glaciated Paris. Here the mechanics of banking, diplomacy, and sophisticated bourgeois living have asphyxiated passion. The silvery blue of Lake Leman suggests money and oblivion. Geneva: I think of Calvinism and gray stones and too many jewelry shops. Despite the bracing winds and the swans, Lake Leman seems but another enclosure. The wrought iron, the pollarded trees, the conical hedges, the crystalline dawn haze where Lake Leman meets the Rhone, the Gothic monuments and gabled roofs, the marble fireplaces and the valences in my hotel room — all are exquisite, but it is an austere and hollow beauty. Joseph Conrad called Geneva “the very perfection of mediocrity.”
Robert D. Kaplan     January 1999

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