Cucinelli Behind Bolling in Money Race

Never to lose an opportunity to spin negative about Virginia AG Ken Cuccinelli, the Washington Post has reported that Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling leads Cuccinelli in fundraising for the 2013 GOP gubernatorial nomination battle.  True enough.  Bolling is ahead … for now.

Here’s what the WaPo neglects to tell you:

  1. The nomination will now be decided by a convention; not a primary.  Cuccinelli’s strong appeal among conservative GOP activists heavily favors a victory for the incumbent Attorney General.
  2. Bolling’s current fundraising advantage will melt away as contributors realize that Bolling’s chances of victory has gone the way of buggy whips and the Edsel.
  3. Even if Bolling maintains a money advantage, short of promising to pay for  registration fees and hotel rooms, it’s difficult to buy the kind of support needed to win a convention (unless your opponent is flat broke).  Primaries can be bought with expensive, usually negative, media campaigns.  Grassroots activism is tougher to come by.
  4. The list goes on …

Granted, nothing is a sure thing.  That said, Cuccinelli is the voice of the conservative, activist wing of Virginia’s GOP.  The liberal media tried to dismiss Cuccinelli in 2009 and hope to do so again in 2013.

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