Student Progress to FINALLY be Part of Teacher Evaluations in Virginia

NORFOLK, VA – We’re always told that more taxpayer dollars must be spent on public education.  “It’s for the children!” is the mantra that was turned into a punch line during the administration of former President Bill Clinton.  Yet, using data as to whether or not a student actually learned when evaluating teachers was anathema, until now.  Starting this fall, up to 40% of a Virginia teacher’s evaluation will be based on whether or nor a student has actually progressed during the year.

It’s about time!  It would be great if states like Maryland actually learned a lesson.  Sadly, when the teachers’ unions are the biggest lobbyists in Annapolis, parents shouldn’t get their hopes up.

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  1. Hey, check your facts out, Maryland is! Except ours will be 50%. This will be next year though.

    • G. A. Harrison says:

      There is no merit pay in Maryland and no teacher will lose their seniority or position because of a poor evaluation. When Maryland adopts a REAL teacher evaluation system, let me know. The system that you refer to is simply a ruse for federal dollars.

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