Media Monday – July 30, 2011

Why Is Freedom of the Press the Only Inviolate Freedom?

You often hear (or read) in the media that the First Amendment is inviolate.  Yet, media coverage of our most basic freedoms begs a question or two:

  • Why are the other enumerated freedoms listed in our Bill of Rights no less important than those in the First Amendment?
  • Are those “sacred” freedoms found in the First Amendment really inviolate, or does this only apply to “freedom of the press”?

In Sunday’s Daily Times we are told that we need to have a discussion about gun control.  Our liberal friends shouldn’t expect the Lower Shore’s paper of record to go much farther on this issue.  They would lose too many readers and advertiser if they actually endorsed gun control or overtly supported Attorney General Doug Gansler and his attack on law abiding citizens who wish to carry a handgun.  Leave more strident opposition to the Second Amendment to outlets such as the Baltimore Sun or the Washington Post.

While the Bill of Rights guarantees “freedom of the press”, it also guarantees a “right to keep and bear arms”.  The Daily Times asks why a requirement to register a gun is wrong when we have to register cars.  I wonder what their response would be if they had to have a permit for their printing press?  Should we be having a “discussion” about placing restrictions on a free press?

Of course, we won’t even bother discussing little annoyances like the Tenth Amendment.  I doubt the editorial boards of any of the above mentioned papers even know that one exists.

Even the First Amendment isn’t sacrosanct to most of today’s mainstream media.  They seem to forget that there are other parts to the amendment than freedom of the press.  As activist courts have changed “freedom OF religion” to “freedom FROM religion” we have heard little from the mainstream media other than applause.  Ironically, thanks in part to the media, secular humanism has become the established religion of our media AND our government.  I wonder if we should be having a “discussion” about that.

Where is Local News on the Radio?

Last week it was announced that Delmarva Broadcasting would begin operating a new talk / news station out of Sussex County.  According to the announcement they will be offering local content.  That’s great.  Why has the same company abandoned all pretense of local news and commentary on the Lower Shore?

After dismissing Bill Reddish, WICO’s only local content is a pre-recorded set of headlines each day courtesy of local TV station WMDT.  All other content is nationally syndicated.

While I am personally fond of Reddish, I will admit that his approach to local content was getting old.  Delmarva Broadcasting’s attempt to move Reddish to their flagship FM station proved disastrous and I can understand cost concerns on the AM station which possesses a footprint slightly larger than connecting a handful of listeners with tin cans and string.  That doesn’t excuse them, and other broadcasters, from their moral responsibility to address the needs of the public.

The Lower Shore now has only two sources for local content on the radio – Don Rush at WSDL (SU’s public radio station) and Bryan Russo at WRAU.  As public radio goes, these two guys are pretty fair.  They also provide discussion of topics you would never hear on a commercial station (which is what we are told public broadcasting is all about).

Why does the Sussex County market warrant TWO locally oriented stations (WGMD and Delmarva Broadcasting’s new effort) while the Lower Shore merits ZERO?  With WICO-FM’s massive footprint (Seaford, DE – Exmore, VA and the Bay to the Ocean) finding content wouldn’t be a problem.

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