“Voter Registration” Group Has Ties to Leftist Group MoveOn.org

RICHMOND, VA – Four years ago Virginians saw ACORN and its affiliates deluge Virginia registrars with falsified voter registration forms.  Of course, it was an “honest mistake” made by a few “overzealous canvassers”.

Move forward to 2012.  Instead of ACORN, it’s the Voter Participation Center.  Who are they tied to?  According to the Richmond Times-Dispatch, they are hooked up with MoveOn.org, an organization slightly to the left of the Communist Party USA.

Mitt Romney is a bad guy because his campaign dares to ask questions about the registration of questionable voters.  AG Ken Cuccinelli is a bad man because his office dares to respond to a valid complaint filed by Romney for America.  You’re a bad person too if you actually believe that the voting process should be secure and only legitimate voters (you know – citizens, those not convicted of a felony, etc.) should be able to cast a ballot.

Welcome to Obama’s Amerika.

photo courtesy of Richmond Times-Dispatch

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