O’Malley’s New Wicomico BOE Appointment Just More of Same

SALISBURY, MD – Yesterday it was announced that Maryland governor Martin O’Malley had appointed Kim Hudson to replace Michele Wright on the Wicomico school board.  Some local Republicans are seething because, once again, a Democrat governor has ignored the recommendation the local GOP central committee.  Fiscally responsible voters are concerned that this is another voice for wasteful spending.  Our response?  Who cares? Hudson can’t be worse than Wright.

Let’s face it, the Wicomico County Board of Education hasn’t had a vocal champion for fiscal responsibility since the departures of Robin Holloway and Sue Hitch.  GOP central committee chair Dave Parker decries O’Malley’s appointment:

"We did our part. We interviewed six people, cut the list in half and sent the three best forward, but that wasn’t what (O’Malley) wanted," Parker said. "I want the best people for the education of our children in Wicomico County and I don’t think that is a political issue. It is now and that’s too bad."

Really Dave?  When wasn’t this political?  The Democrat central committee always gets its “suggestions” appointed.  The GOP central committee sees its recommendations appointed when it puts forward individuals who will agree to waste taxpayer dollars or keep their mouths shut.  Case in point – the Wicomico Republican Central Committee recommended the appointment and reappointment of Wright and the appointment of Carolyn Elmore.  When Wright was appointed to her first term she had the strong backing of both the central committee and many local elected Republicans.  Ditto for Elmore’s appointment.  Result?  A supposedly “bi-partisan” BOE that never saw a dollar they weren’t willing to flush down the bureaucratic toilet.

Expect Hudson to support any boondoggle suggested by Supt. John Fredericksen, EXACTLY like her predecessor.  Hudson wants the BOE to have access to unlimited funds.  In Kim Hudson’s world, any dollar spent in the name of “education” can’t be misspent.  Yet, the Wicomico County schools spend millions upon millions of dollars while Johnny still can’t read.  The same mindset also allows schools to crumble without maintenance while people like Hudson call for building new schools, which will also crumble because building schools look good on a superintendent’s resume and keeping schools in good repair doesn’t.

Hudson’s impact on the school board will be ZERO.  She is merely one more profligate among profligates.  Some speculate that Hudson might be a bad enough BOE member that this could motivate voters to demand an elected school board.  Unfortunately, County Executive Rick Pollitt and Delegates Norm Conway (D-38B) and Rudy Cane (D-37A) are keeping Wicomico voters from voting on an elected school board.  Nothing Hudson does will impact this.

The net result – NOTHING.  The BOE will demand more money.  Wicomico taxpayers will continue to see their tax bill rise each year (thanks to Conway and Cane).  A majority of a supposedly conservative county council will continue to fight over the scrap handed to them by Pollitt while refusing cut wasteful spending.  Kim Hudson will simply smile and tell us, “It’s for the children”.

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  1. Slim Whitman says:

    and the statists in the Rino ranks continue to betray us

    • G. A. Harrison says:

      I don’t think it’s a betrayal. What do you expect? The Democrats are in control and the MD GOP is more concerned about a few scraps than they are winning elections.

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