Dewey Beach Mayor Called to Resign

DEWEY BEACH, DE – In the wake of an Attorney General’s opinion that the mayor and council of Dewey Beach was guilty of multiple violations of the state’s open meetings law, the former mayor of this resort town has called on the current mayor to resign.  Former mayor Dell Tush, in a July 27th letter to Dewey Beach mayor Diane Hanson, asked Hanson to resign.  “It is time for you to resign before our town is damaged beyond repair,” Tush said.

“The micromanaging atmosphere you have created toward our town employees, including the police department, and our businesses have reached bounds beyond your scope of authority,” Tush wrote.  She did not cite individual instances to prove Hanson’s guilt but said she could provide them to further the request.

Tush also accused Hanson of spending town funds recklessly.


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