Sudlersville Commissioners Close Checkbook to Engineering Firm

SUDLERSVILLE, MD – After a request from engineering firm RETTEW for additional cost overruns, the Sudlersville Town Commissioners have decided to close the town’s checkbook to the firm.

“Enough is enough. Every time we turn around it’s more money, more money … it’s almost August 2012, and we haven’t got a shovel in the ground,” said Commissioner Bill Faust. “If we agree on this, the checkbook is closed to RETTEW.”

“As far as I’m concerned, the checkbook should have been closed a long time ago,” Ford said.

One complaint from the commissioners which epitomized the problems faced by the town was whether to use a vacuum system or a grinder system.  RETTEW told commissioners that a grinder system was more cost effective for a system of their size.  RETTEW then delivered plans which called for a vacuum system.


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