Word of the Day – August 12, 2012

brood (verb)


to hover or loom as if to envelop; hang low

It is nine o’clock upon a summer Sunday morning, in the year sixteen hundred and something. The sun looks down brightly on a little forest settlement, around whose expanding fields the great American wilderness recedes each day, withdrawing its bears and wolves and Indians into an ever remoter distance, — not yet so far but that a stout wooden gate at each end of the village’s street indicates that there is something outside which must stay outside, if possible. It would look very busy and thriving in this little place, to-day, but for the Sabbath stillness which broods over everything with almost an excess of calm. Even the smoke ascends more faintly than usual from the chimneys of these abundant log-huts and scanty framed houses, and since three o’clock yesterday afternoon not a stroke of this world’s work has been done.
Thomas Wentworth Higginson     September 1863

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