Romney Endorses Bolling, Retracts

ASHLAND, VA – Fresh off the announcement of conservative Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) as his running mate, presumptive GOP nominee Mitt Romney appeared to endorse Virginia lieutenant governor Bill Bolling for governor in 2013.  After being informed that Bolling was not the only Republican in the race, Romney was forced to backpedal on his statement.

“And we’re counting on you to make sure that when [Governor] Bob McDonnell retires — I know this one-term thing is an unusual thing in Virginia — we want to make sure to have a Republican take his place,” Romney told the overflow crowd he addressed after the main rally. “There are a couple of guys in the race. I love them both. I want to see one of those guys take his place.”

Bolling is being challenged for the 2013 nomination by Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli.  Cuccinelli is a hero among tea party and “values” voters.  These are the very groups that Romney hopes to mobilize with his VP pick.

Bolling was the first statewide official to endorse Romney’s candidacy.


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