Biden on Romney – “He’s Gonna Put Y’all Back in Chains”

DANVILLE, VA – Gaffes aplenty along the Dan River, thanks to Vice President Joe Biden.  First, Biden couldn’t figure out which state he was in.  Then, Biden decided to crawl right down into the gutter with the rest of the Obama campaign:

Telling a crowd that included hundreds of African-Americans that Mitt Romney was “…gonna put y’all back in chains” is chump change compared to some of lies being told by Barack Obama and his campaign surrogates.  Unfortunately, it is yet one more example of a ticket that will do anything, say anything, to remain in power.

In Ohio, presumptive GOP nominee Mitt Romney responded:

If Romney’s remarks seem a tad harsh, ask this question – What would be the response from the mainstream media if Romney leveled false charges against Obama similar to those being thrown, on a daily basis, by Obama and his campaign?


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