Should Taxpayers Pay to Send Police on Baltimore Mayor’s Vacation?

BALTIMORE, MD – The Baltimore Sun reports that taxpayers are picking up the tab to send police protection with Baltimore mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake on her recent vacation to San Diego?  Should they?  If Rawlings-Blake wants to government to cover the costs of her entourage on vacation, perhaps she should pick a spot closer to home.

The most amusing part of the her justification:

Baltimore police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi acknowledged the mayor could decline to use executive protection, but said the police department’s intelligence section determines how much security is needed for public officials.

"We have a very high-profile mayor," he said. "Baltimore has issues of violence. We all saw what happened with Congresswoman [Gabrielle] Giffords."

Please.  Horrible things will always occur.  Does this mean that the taxpayer should pony up for every possibility, no matter how remote?  We certainly do not wish the Mayor any harm.  We also do not believe that holding elective office equates to entitlement.  Unfortunately, the age of Obama is fast proving us wrong.

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