Wicomico County Moves Forward on Redistricting Proposal

SALISBURY, MD – After a public hearing where no one spoke against the proposed redistricting plan, and a work session Tuesday, the Wicomico County Council has decided to move forward with the plan submitted by the Wicomico County Redistricting Commission.  The plan will be altered slightly to reduce the number of precincts and the council should approve the plan in September.

In order to reduce the number of precincts required, the council has directed Frank McKenzie of the Planning and Zoning Department to “tweak” the map by moving a few census blocks.  However, the plan should remain essentially intact.

A majority of council members stated that they preferred “Plan A” (the plan submitted by the Redistricting Commission) because the commission had obviously put a great deal of time and effort into the plan and because the five councilmanic districts would now be essentially equal in population.  Under this plan, approximately 28,000 residents would be moved into a different council district.  Every council member, except for Councilwoman Stevie Prettyman (R-2) supported moving forward with the Redistricting Commission’s plan.  [Prettyman favored some combination of the two plans.]*

An alternative, “Plan B” was prepared before the commission had formally presented its proposal.  The plan was never presented to the public.

* – The portion is brackets is an addendum to the original article.

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