Salisbury Council Votes for Fire Grant

SALISBURY, MD – At Monday’s city council meeting citizens were treated to all of the drama which has made Salisbury famous (or infamous?).  The meeting began with councilwoman Laura Mitchell’s expected grandstanding; it moved through a normal course of legislative business; and culminated with not one, but three trademark Jimmy Ireton hissy fits.  In the end, the city council accepted a federal grant of $1.4 million to allow the city hire 12 additional firefighters.

Read the details later today in the DelMarVa Observer.  For a fictional account, we suggest this morning’s online edition of the Daily Times.  It appears that new city report Jeremy Cox is a budding short story writer.

photo courtesy of WMDT

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  1. Bill Campbell says:

    1.4 million dollars!!! while it didn’t come out of our city budget, (taxes from city residents) it still came out of my pocket as federal taxes…the fire department is being used as a political tool for the administration. I hope the SFD realizes that the mayor won’t hesitate to throw them under the bus if that’s what it takes to further his political goals. Maybe I should apply for disability just so I can get some of my tax money back instead of throwing it away on stuff like this.

    Oh, and don’t forget!…it remains to be seen what additional costs may by attached to this grant.

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