How Will Dems Spin Their Convention?

CHARLOTTE, NC – As Democrats pray that the Romney-Ryan ticket will not benefit from a post-convention bounce, they have other problems facing them as they head to Charlotte.  As Gary Robertson reports for the AP:

Gay rights activists, for example, plan to protest for same-sex marriage in a state where North Carolina voters easily passed a constitutional amendment banning it. Members of another key Democratic group, organized labor, intend to picket, too, in part because union leaders are unhappy Democrats picked a state long viewed as hostile to them.

Even North Carolina Democrats have found the state to be cooler lately, with Republicans winning control of the state legislature in 2010 and considered favorites to capture the governor’s mansion this year.

And if Democrats were hoping that North Carolina would provide a narrative to support the president’s case that the economy is on the rebound, they must be disappointed.

The state has an unemployment rate of 9.6 percent — one of the highest in the country. The Charlotte metro rate is even higher at 10 percent, making it more difficult to portray the city of 750,000 as on the cusp of recovery after its once-soaring banking industry tumbled.

Will the “lamestream media” actually give Americans “the rest of the story”?  We’ll have to wait … and watch.


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