News-Post Calls O’Malley Out on Record and RNC Performance

FREDERICK, MD – Frederick’s News-Post doesn’t think much of Maryland governor Martin O’Malley’s recent performance in Tampa.  Kudos to one of the few print organs in the Once Free State that dares to say, “The Emperor has no clothes.”:

As outrageous as this was, it comes as little surprise in a political era when running the other guy or party down is the name of the game. Never mind trying to get the current national economic mess straightened out by — bite our tongue — actually working together for solutions.

Maryland Sen. E. J. Pipkin (R-36) hit the nail right on the head:

Gov. O’Malley crashing our convention is a waste of time. And he should not be talking about jobs after the dismal performance over the last few months." State House of Delegates Minority Leader Tony O’Donnell got even more personal, saying, "The country deserves to know what a fraud O’Malley is. We have a structural deficit of over $1 billion, we’re losing jobs at a higher rate than anyone else in the country and we have an underfunded pension system. There’s much to do in our state. The Democratic folks are very desperate to hold on to their national power.

Over the last few months O’Malley has proven what many of us already believed – his future political ambitions far outweigh the problems facing Maryland and our nation.  We almost feel guilty about our recent criticism of Salisbury mayor Jim Ireton.  While guilty of the same sins, what should we expect given the behavior of two of Ireton’s heroes – Barack Obama and Martin O’Malley?  We all learn from example.



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