Can Romney Make It Over the Top?


Despite a lack of economic growth and continuing unemployment, President Barack Obama continues to run even with GOP nominee Mitt Romney in the polls.  Can Romney pull ahead and take the White House from the second coming of Jimmy Carter?  We hope so.  Deposing Barack Obama will certainly be better for the nation and our economy.  Will he?

It is almost certain that the race will be decided in a few key states:  Virginia, Ohio, and Florida to name a few.  Polling is expected to be tight.  Why then did the Romney campaign choose to throw away the potential support of libertarian leaning conservatives at the recent Republican National Convention?  By passing rules which are arrogant at best, despotic at worst, movement conservatives, Tea Partiers, and Paulistas are seriously questioning the wisdom of voting Romney / Ryan on November 6th.  Many of these same activists are just as, if not more, furious over the Romney campaign’s decision to strip legally elected Ron Paul delegates of their credentials to prevent Paul’s name from being placed in nomination.

In Delaware we could also see viable candidates like state senate candidate Ernest Lopez fall in a close race because of Romney’s actions (Lopez, like Romney, is viewed as an “establishment Republican”).  In Virginia, former governor and senator George Allen could pay the cost of Romney’s folly.  It is ironic that Dan Bongino could benefit from the active participation of disaffected conservatives in Maryland.  Unfortunately, Maryland is not likely to overthrow Sen. Ben Cardin (D-MD) any more than it is likely to give its 10 electoral votes to Mitt Romney.

If Romney loses any of these swing states by a few thousand votes, he can blame no one but himself.  Sending Ron Paul supporters to Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson or Constitution candidate Virgil Goode could cost Romney and this nation mightily.  Keeping them within the GOP fold would have cost his campaign nothing other than showing them the respect they are do.

Our view is simple – do what is best for the country and vote Mitt Romney.  In four years liberty loving conservatives can reevaluate.  Objectively there is no question – Mitt Romney would make a better president than Barack Obama.  Working hard for candidates, and letting them know that you are supporting them and NOT the GOP, is the best message you can send.  Merely sitting on your hands and hoping for what might have been is not serving your country; it simply helps extreme leftist Democrats to maintain effective control.

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