A Lesson in Socialism

I have to PROUDLY thank my eldest son for bringing this to my attention.  The producer has illustrated a valuable lesson, with great humor.

Just as there’s no incentive to work hard if everyone gets the same grade, these principles apply to a whole array of real life examples:

Why is government so inefficient?
When your are spending other people’s money, and it’s almost impossible to lose your job, what is the incentive to spend money wisely and carry out tasks efficiently?

Why does cutting taxes actually increases government revenue (in the macro)?

What is the incentive to work harder to make more income when the government takes an increasing share of every new dollar earned?  At some point the marginal utility of each dollar earned becomes less than spending work time on more leisurely activities.

How did unions destroy American manufacturing?
Starting off as a great (and necessary) idea, America’s labor unions morphed into organizations that demanded pay hikes without productivity increases.  Why increase productivity when you have nearly the same job protection as a government employee?  Oppressive work rules, along with unsustainable benefit packages, either put companies out of business, incentivized employers to move to right to work states, or move their operations overseas.

SOCIALISM – Driving everyone down, NOT raising anyone up!
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